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October 2014  

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04:31am 19/10/2014
For those who are not in my part of the world, it's currently 4AM.

I absolutely can't sleep because my apartment (and surrounding structures) are an all-you-can-eat buffet of weird and disconcerting noises. Something in the floor (walls?) is creaking with a bizarre sense of regularity. There also seems to be this weird loud buzzing coming from the baseboard heater in my bedroom that seems to cease only when I get up to investigate (of course), and somewhere below me I keep hearing something that sounds a little like a dog yawning/whimpering, which is especially creepy given that the people living below me do not have a dog. It also doesn't help that during this frustrating insomnia I've been reading one of those trashy 'True Crime Stories' websites, so now I'm probably convinced that a psycho killer with a chainsaw is in the building somewhere.

Also, by the sound of it, Eric can't sleep either.

Yesterday was blah. I had my choice between "staying home and watching all of my teams lose miserably whilst doing the dishes" and "navigating the nightmarish Homecoming traffic in 5 ˚C and rain to go to lab to deal with a really unhappy compound." There's absolutely no way anyone wins given those two choices. It's like the Kobayashi Maru of "What to do on Saturday" and it all ended with me feeling agitated and sick to my stomach.
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11:54am 05/05/2014
Eric didn't get the mat sci job.

Psshaw, like anything ever works out for us anyway. I was a fool to believe otherwise.
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09:25pm 06/12/2013
1-168 lives! I did it!
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How to ensure your labmates are blissed-out human beings.  
12:12am 13/02/2013

Step one. Make a bet with one of 'em that basically says if your product is XYZ, you have to bring goodies for everyone who inhabits rms. 3560-3582.

Step two. Lose the bet, and preferably lose badly.

There is legitimately nearly one pound of high-quality chocolate here of various amazing flavors. I can't eat it all myself, yaknow.

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07:24pm 12/01/2013
The end of this week was just too wonderful, and doubly so, now that my chemistry is working. My work is awesome, my PI is awesome, my lab is awesome, my labmates are awesome, my university is awesome - everything is awesome.

And now Eric is here, and I'm making tortellini. Last night we went to the Central St. Cafe and then slept twelve hours, and today we went to the beach by the lighthouse. It was cold as hell. 
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03:21pm 20/11/2010
The world has ended. I am the only one left.
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